Hobart is ours. We experience it every day, yet we rarely get a chance to think about what makes it special.

At a time of growth and change, how can we reinforce Hobart at its best?

We’re having conversations with as many Hobartians as we can. We’re uncovering what is already here, on our streets, between our river and our mountain, and in us.

So far, we’ve heard from students, tradespeople, builders, activists, businesspeople, policy makers, job seekers, retirees, artists, new Hobartians, and people who’ve been here for generations. We’re bringing it all together to build the Hobart story – the foundation of who we are, as a city.

This is the story we can tell each other and outsiders. With our story we know how to build, grow, make better decisions and answer the fundamental question, “Why Hobart?”

Our Dark Past

Nov 20

In the film The Hunter, a villain refers to the thylacine as “the rarest, most elusive creature on the planet.” When we asked, you told us that the last known thylacine died in captivity at Beaumaris Zoo in 1936. Yet in...

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The Lucky City

Nov 17

Some of the things you love most about Hobart were never planned. The view from the top of kunanyi / Mount Wellington. ‘Sammy’, the seal that that hangs out on rocks around the waterfront. The weather.  We're surrounded by flukes...

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Shot of a person using their laptop on Mount Wellington, with views of Hobart

We Start Small

Oct 30

Many of you spoke of a difficult time in Hobart, when large employers were leaving the island, consolidating, shrinking, or closing altogether. Many of you, or your parents, had imagined a “job for life” and the shift in the global...

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An ordinary looking city with bland buildings

The Ordinary City

Oct 11

A handful of cities attract most of the world’s attention. Some are old, some are relatively new, but they’re all massive. They’re intensely competitive. They’re people magnets and money machines. One common theme we heard from you, whether you were...

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We’re creating a story and vision for Hobart. Share your ‘Only in Hobart’ story and help guide the future of our city.
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