People meeting in an open park area

But this place is ours, isn’t it?

Nov 15

One of our interviewees had planned a party in a park with a group of friends who only knew one another online. They thought it would be valuable to connect in person.

“We tried to make a booking, but had trouble getting a permit. We were thinking, ‘But this place is ours, isn’t it?’”

Permits are important. We want people to be safe. But nothing is safer, in the long run, than the social connections that create communities. In an earlier post, about making it easier for ideas, we shared the notion of a concierge to help people with ideas through bureaucracy with a sense of teamwork in mind.

It can work in businesses and in social ventures. It can work for community gatherings of all sorts. Most of the “space” inside a city is private space. When the Council (and therefore the people of Hobart) owns space, you want it to feel free and inviting. You want more trees. You want kids to play. You want to walk.

We heard many responses to, “What is a symbol of Hobart?”

It’s not particular to this place but you did talk about low fences and open doors as part of the safe feeling about the city. You’re not putting up walls. You’re not putting security guards at every door. You’re looking out for one another, and holding on to that quality, even as you grow.

What sort of social gathering or project could bring your community together? What help would you need?