The Lucky City

Nov 17

Some of the things you love most about Hobart were never planned. The view from the top of kunanyi / Mount Wellington. ‘Sammy’, the seal that that hangs out on rocks around the waterfront. The weather. 

We’re surrounded by flukes of nature and happy accidents.

The historic buildings throughout the city remain intact largely by luck. As one of you put it, it seems they were “preserved through neglect”.

Even the delight of running into a friend unexpectedly – you can’t get enough of these unplanned get-togethers.

In our conversations, many of you recognised that these things are in some way endangered. You spoke of them as a gift that we need to protect and enhance. One of you, a 6th generation Tasmanian who has lived in many of the world’s great cities, said “We have something very rare here – something that the rest of the world wants, but has lost. We need to accept our responsibility as custodians.”

Lots of you are worried that we have relied on luck for too long. You think it’s time to appreciate what we still have, think about what we want to change, and come up with a plan to get there. Others think that Hobart is at its best when life just happens.

What are your favourite examples of ‘unplanned’ Hobart? How could they be protected, or even planned for?