Person carrying a coffee and fresh produce from farmers market

The Taste of Hobart

Oct 24

This is an unusually good place to grow food. Our conversations with you took place in the spring, and you were often coming from or going to a session in your garden. From farmer’s markets to local grocers, it’s easy to find good meat and vegetables and fruit and honey and peanut butter and wine.

In Hobart, we can all eat and drink Tasmania.

One of your greatest sources of pride is the food and restaurant scene in Hobart. It’s competitive and cooperative at the same time. Restaurant owners celebrate every time another eatery opens, and offer to help.

What’s astonishing isn’t that we have so many great places to eat. It’s that our restaurant scene grew so quickly, based on agricultural strengths, a bump in tourism, and a lot of ambitious Hobartians who seemed to be waiting for an opportunity.

Again and again, we heard people talk about a time when it was difficult to get a good meal or even a decent cup of coffee in Hobart. And now. Now! It seems like all we needed was the right conditions and some inspiration.

When it comes to produce, the connection between Hobart and its surroundings is so strong that the city bursts from its boundaries. Cider. Cheese. Salmon. Not from Hobart, but certainly enjoyed here.

Many of you talked sentimentally about The Taste of Tasmania, that wonderful week when people of all backgrounds sit side-by-side to share the state’s best. No matter where we do our groceries, we all know that local tastes better.

From the capital of the Apple Isle to our cutting-edge restaurant scene, Hobart has always been known for food. What else could we accomplish, based on natural strengths, with a bit of encouragement?

If you had to pick a signature Hobart food or meal, what would it be?