Who is Only In Hobart?

It’s you.

Over the past several weeks we’ve met with over one hundred of your neighbours. We’ve heard passionate, funny, sad, anxious, and exciting stories about what makes Hobart Hobart.

What are you most proud of? Who are you proud of? What can only happen here? What are you afraid of? Ashamed of? How should Hobart grow? What can you do, as a citizen, with your unique talents and networks, to improve Hobart?

We won’t have a chance to sit down with every one of you, but we have heard a uniting story about this city, at its best, and where it can go if we work carefully and diligently together.

We are passionate fans of Hobart who have come together under the banner of The20. We are working with and for the City of Hobart. Their aim is to initiate a space for community members to lead the conversation and to support and embrace the process.

The overall project is a City of Hobart initiative that will lead toward a new story and vision for the city, which will guide Council’s work into the future.

There will be opportunities to join in as Only in Hobart progresses. This is one of them. Read, share, comment, and discuss with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours.

If you would like to know more about how participants were selected for interviews then please click here.